Re:Vival | 24 September


Dear Beloved Children Of God!

You have reached the page of New Heaven and New Earth. We are an international church established in over 60 countries!

Our mission is to establish a christian collaboration and work together for the Revival of Christianity in The Netherlands. Churches in The Netherlands have been showing a trend of decrease of members in the past few years. We in New Heaven and New Earth believe we can bring the beloved children of God back to God by working together through the following steps.


New Heaven and New Earth wishes to work together to reconnect especially Youth Members with Our Beloved Father God, by allowing them to grow their understanding of God.


Through focusing on restoration of faith, brothers and sisters have the opportunity to remember the importance of the Church and Fellowship.


By Reconnecting and Restoring faith, (youth) members can be reactivated into devoting their lives to God and Christ, volunteering in local churches and christian organisations.

Collaboration is key, does this mission suit the path you wish to walk, please enter! Let us share in our experiences and expertise, and see how you can join us on this mission of Revival!

All glory be to God